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Zombie Rescue Squad
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Zombie Rescue Squad (Romance Scam)
Plot: A zombie apocalypse interrupts my online romance with a sexy blond named "Suzan". She needs my financial assistance to auction off the Malaysian textile factory she inherited from her late father. Unfortunately, just before I could send her the money, the zombies attacked! Such is life.
Commentary: My best bait so far! I was actually able to fool multiple scammers into believing that I was trapped for 131 days on an island being ravaged by a zombie apocalypse! (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Nigerian email scammers are really THAT stupid.) This bait also shows how unscrupulous Nigerian scammers are; they had no problem exploiting helpless people and endangering innocent lives to make a profit.
Highlights: I've taken the liberty of writing a time-line for this unusually complex bait below.
Best Scammer Quote: Sept 1, 2009 ( page 6 ) Jerry Collins (Nigerian mercenary) " Dear Kathy, Yes i have been briefed about your sitiuation and i know you are in danger for now,he told me you are in ANTIGUA ISLAND where zombie is killing poeple and you stay in abandoned bank with Iggy and you are Kathy King... ...Cloacked Nigerian jet is like normal jet but is strong for fighting war or rescued someone in deadly island... ...Yes am still intrested using my impressive to fight the zombies... ...Am not going to charge you much cos you did not know me and i know we are going to know each other very charges is $10,000... ...i dont charge much for rescuing people ok... ....i have rescue alot of people from this kind of sitiuation ok"
Note: This bait is actually a spin off... the original scammer, posing as the sexy blond named "Suzan", is the same scammer who was posing as the British banker in the Mikel Bolton bait.
Parts: This bait has been separated into five parts as follows...

Raymond Miller & Kathy King = This is the original bait where I pose as "Raymond" who is communicating with a romance scammer named "Suzan" when suddenly a zombie outbreak occurs! At one point, poor Raymond becomes a zombie himself - forcing Kathy (the bank teller) to take over the email correspondence with Suzan. Later, Kathy discovers the only other human to have servived the outbreak - a small boy named Iggy. The scammers attempt (unsuccessfully) to exploit both Kathy and Iggy's misfortune at every chance. ( Index , Page 1 , Page 2 , Page 3 , Page 4 , Page 5 , Page 6 , Page 7 )

Zackory Sukmioph  = I pose as Iggy's biological father who is living in the United States. The Nigerian scammers call me and offer to fly to the zombie-infested island in a "Cloaked Nigerian Jet" and rescue Iggy and Kathy with a "Zombie Rescue Squad" for the bargain price of just $5,000 i
n advance. ( Page 8 , Page 9 , Page 10 )

Fake Ray  = I pose as a scammer in an effort to antagonize the real scammers. ( page 11 )

Donna King  = I pose as Kathy's mother who only speaks French. ( page 12 )

Joseph Venuti  = I pose as an old man who agrees to help Suzan transfer money. At one point Suzan has money from the abandoned bank on the zombie-infested island sent to my (Joseph's) private bank account. But I, of course, stubbornly refuse to give it to Suzan. ( page 13 )

Time line of the "Zombie Rescue Squad" bait:
Apr 15, 2009 (page 1) =  Raymond (a college student studying bio-chemistry) contact's the scammer named "Suzan".
Apr 19, 2009 (page 1) = Raymond starts working for "Prof. Hillroy" who is developing a method to revive dead tissue.
Apr 24, 2009 (page 1) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody  "
I read all you said about your research and thanks for the explanation and hope you and your team find the right specimen for your theory,because i can't wait to have another Robert Hooke as my spouse lol"
Apr 27, 2009 (page 1) = Raymond and Hillroy's research team are able to revive dead lab animals by turning them into zombies with a "denecrosis formula".
Apr 27, 2009 (page 1) = Scammer Quote... Josman Diyon (Suzan's Lawyer)  " I do not bother about what you and your nonentity and half baked researchers think about me,... ... thats what you Americans are,you are all imperialists,but in this case,you are total failures,you and your bugs that you described as researchers,idont know what you are researching,bunches of riff raffs and nonentities. "
Apr 27, 2009 (page 1) = Scammer Quote... Josman Diyon (Suzan's Lawyer)   "Even your scientific research is a failure too because you are not good in anything."  
Apr 30, 2009 (page 1) = Smoke and ash (from incinerating zombie lab animal) is vented over a patch of woods and triggers a zombie outbreak.
May 1, 2009 (page 1) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody " Thanks so much for your concern and also carrying me along with your research work,i m beginning to have a lot of interest in the research work,but im not too good in science because of your complex terminologies,but i know with your help,i may make a contribution to your research in the days to come."
May 1, 2009 (page 1) = Raymond and Hillroy's research team hide in an attic while the zombies run amok.
May 1, 2009 (page 2) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody " Hi Baby, You seems to be going through a lot of risks there , i hope i wont be put to any danger when i come to join you,because i easily scare... ...
Also,update me on your research."  
May 2, 2009 (page 2) = Raymond, and what is left of the research team, take shelter at a police station.
May 3, 2009 (page 2) = Raymond and two colleagues travel to the local bank where they rescue Kathy the bank teller.
May 4, 2009 (page 2) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... I have read your email and i understand all the content,i beleive you are facing the danger of the de-nocrosed creature because of the generator and the fund that i needed. This is to your last question,with a woman mentality i'd prefer the use of marchet."
May 6, 2009 (page 2) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... First and foremost,Not to be selfish I'd advise you to go to the professor to find a way to stop this de-necrosed creature in other to secure the life of people in the community... ... , and i will furnish you with the account info , I'd be okay if you can give the info to KATHY to get it done while you to doctor to save the life of the people.
May 6, 2009 (page 2) =
Raymond and Kathy join with Prof. Hillroy who has moved back to his laboratory in a desperate effort to discover a cure.
May 7, 2009 (page 2) = Raymond, Kathy and Butch are the only servivors after Hillroy's laboratory is attacked and over run by a the zombie hoard. 
May 8, 2009 (page 2) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody " ... AM PRAYING FOR YOUR SAFETY AND KATHY TOO."
May 8, 2009 (page 2) = Raymond, Kathy and Butch return to the abandoned bank to wait out the zombie apocalypse.
May 9, 2009  (page 2) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... I never cease praying for your safety as well as Kathy and butch,i pray you guys will make it home. Sometimes things like this do happen in life,All we need is faith as well as a strong mind aiming the fact that we will make it and and archieve our desire. Be rest assured as well as your other crew,you guys will make it home,I keep on praying for your safety every seconds and none of you will be armed by the de-necrosed creature. For you guys will not die but live..."
May 11, 2009 (page 2) = Butch is tragically killed by a zombie-bull.
May 11, 2009 (page 2) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... Are u there? get back to me asap, am really worried about you,i hope you are not hurt but the creatures ,"
May 12, 2009 (page 2) = Raymond is blinded in one eye by a zombie-bat.
May 12, 2009 (page 2) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... Thanks for your mail, Am Glad you are alive,I was so much worried about you when i didint hear from you. Kindly update me asap about the money,..."
May 13, 2009 (page 2) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... How is your health,also i want you to be careful with those creature over there ,below is the information... ...send the money to the information"
May 14, 2009 (page 3) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... I guess you are insane with your stupid cantankerous questions as i am sick and tired of them keep asking question upon question...i do not think you are for real nor an human....cos it would have been easier and understandable for a human to feel as i feel...
well you have changed and think its as a result of the de-necrossed creatures....guess you are one already and kiss your ass goodbye in HELL not ever message me again...i wish you best in HELL."
May 14, 2009 (page 3) = Raymond is badly wounded and near death. As a precaution, Kathy (the bank teller) ties Raymond to a couch.
May 15, 2009 (page 3) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... Am so sorry to hear this,i feel so sad and depressed as i dont wanna lose you,you are all i have got and nothing else my love. I hope you are not feeling too much pain? how are you going to get the bullet out of your ribs? because the longer it stay their the higher the pain that you will be feeling..
Get back to me and update me with the situation of things. I love u so much
and i hope to hear from you. and tell me for how long will you be there,we really need to be together and that place is a deadly area,i can't wait to lose you.

May 16, 2009 (page 3) = Raymond turns into a zombie while writing an email to Suzan (the scammer).
May 17, 2009 (page 3) = Kathy takes over Raymond's correspondence with Suzan - informing her that Raymond is tied to a couch and is now a zombie.
May 18, 2009 (page 3) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... Dear Kathy, Thanks for your mail,I so much appreciate it , Raymond is my fiance and we are so much in love and hes all i have got..update me more with the situation of things. How is he doing now? what has happened to him that make him become zombie? pls give me more details and how he's doing?"
May 23, 2009 (page 4) = Susan (the scammer), at Kathy's insistence, starts to develop a medical procedure she claims will cure Raymond.
June 2, 2009 (page 4) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... You can follow all the necessary steps i stated for you and i believe all will work out well on him... ...1.I've told you to inject the santyl collagenase intravenously 2.You can inject in him 30gm of santyl collagenase 3.I believe the santyl collagenase will treat him fully from the necrosis 4.You can give to him 400mg of Imatinib and it all depends on how much he reacts to it will determine on how much you'll increase it.. 5.Yes the imatinib should be injected in him intravenously 6.When you inject him initially,he'll be much more stronger than before and after awhile he'll be calm and later sleep off and i believe by the time he'll wake,he should be realieved."
June 3, 2009 (page 4) = Kathy rescues a six-year-old boy named "Iggy".
June 4, 2009 (page 4) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "... Kathy...i wonder what exactly and where you're driving at ??? Well i will answer your question because i really care about Raymond and he's the love of my life and i will do anything to save him,his life and the love i have for him ... 1.Yes i did reviemed the procedure and it's correct.. 2.Yes you do have my consent and you can always count on me,i've always been here for you and Raymond and i will always be .. 3.No advice yet,just carry out the procedure first and lets wait for awhile and see if he'll respond to the treatment..."
June 4, 2009 (page 4) = Kathy administers Susan's medical procedure which kills Raymond almost instantly.
June 4, 2009 (page 4) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody  " .... Raymond can never be dead,the procedure and step i gave to you is the best...i did told you he will be weak for awhile and later get back on his feet and be fine... ... Kathy, Raymond is not dead and he cannot die......I love him and I believe in the love i have for him.....And my God has revealed it to me that Raymond will never died......"
June 9, 2009 (page 4) = Kathy recieves an email from the scammer posing as "Peter Miller" (Raymond's brother).
Peter Miller (page 4) = Scammer Quote... Peter Miller (Raymond's brother) " ...when was raymond dead?where did you work?did you stay in that island where zombie are killing poeple?... ...Did suzan procedure killed raymond? what did you want me to do partaining to your sitiuation?And what is your next plan pls answer my question and give me the reply as soon as possible... ...i read about quarantine in news papers and i had it on TV....The last time i read the news paper government said they will rectify the problem in that island very soon"
June 9, 2009 (page 4) = Kathy asks for Susan and Peter's help to contact Iggy's biological father named "Zackory Sukmioph" who lives in the United States.
June 19, 2009 (page 4) = Kathy and Iggy observe a helicopter briefly landing on a nearby roof. It leaves a mysterious container behind.
June 21, 2009 (page 4) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody  " ....Kathy, Let me tell you i will do my best and i will live the rest for you bcos i know you dont trust me.... dont go to any where bcos it may dangerous for you and Iggy bcos of the zombie.....just wait till the helicopter come back and i know you will still know what is inside the container....i just want you to hold for sometime Ok...The reason why i said you should be patience is bcos of the zombie bcos i dont want anything to happen to you and Iggy...."
June 23, 2009 (page 5) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody  " .... Kathy, the pilot is goin to fly the helicopter...i will take off from US....Yes i will have to come with them....when i get i will try to radio phone you and i will know how to get past the naval blockade bcos i have the radio phone number you gave to me the other time in your evade weapon's fire from the ships...I know God is going to see us through about that know about the zombies i dont no how to escape them but i just want you to tell me how can we avoid the zombies... kathy you know you are the one who can tell me how to avoid the zombies and i know you are goin to tell me that.... I dont know how much is goin to cost to get the helicopter but when i get to US i will find out for the helicopter there is no problem about these kathy Ok.... I trust you for your words kathy and i know you are a nice and carring person that is why i cant leave you all alone bcos you are a nice greatings to Iggy"

June 28, 2009 (page 5) = Although Kathy and Iggy are trapped on the island, Kathy has found a way of shipping gold dust and other valuables off the island.
June 28, 2009 (page 8) = The scammers finnally call Zackory Sukmioph (Iggy's father) on the phone. (I recoreded the conversations of course.)
June 29, 2009 (page 5) =  Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody " ... you said Iggy and you found some hard currency and gold in the container and other valuable items,that you want to send them to my address and would i be able to sign for them?Yes i will be able to sign for them and i will keep it for you as well...."
June 30, 2009 (page 5) = Scammer Quote... Peter Miller (Raymond's brother) " ... Kathy,I have called Iggy's father and he did not respond to me well,all what he said is that why am i asking him such question,He said that is a personal data of his family,so he cannot tell me.Iggy's father ask on the phone that who am i?and i told him am peter miller,i have explain to him that am from kathy,and you give me the phone number to called him, that his son Iggy is with you and he did not believe me, that he want to speak with Iggy first or else he is not ready to answer any question unless he talk to his son Iggy.You better go and mail him your self or find the means of calling him.The time i called him was:8am in the morning,and i called him twice.i have tried my best for you and Iggy.Take care of your self
July 7, 2009 (page 8) = Zackory receives a safe full of valuables from Kathy. Then he receives advice from the scammers (Peter and Suzan) as to what to do with it.
July 13, 2009 (page 8) = Scammer Quote... Peter Miller (Raymond's brother) " Dear Zackory Sukmioph, Open those save and see what is inside the packages OK.I have never hear from Iggy and Kathy,yes she told me but i will explain to you when i called you.Kathy has never sent any packages to me Ok.But i want you to open the locked safe and see what is inside the safe OK.I have travelled to U.k and when i leave U.K,i will travelled back to Australia from there to Africa Country,..."
July 16, 2009 (page 8) = Peter requests $5,000 from Zackory so that he can use it to rescue Iggy and Kathy from the zombies.
July 16, 2009 (page 8) = Scammer Quote... Peter Miller (Raymond's brother) " Dear Zackory, The reason why am after the money is bcos i want to go and use it to rescue Iggy and Kathy,and i told you in my last Email that Kathy want to send the packages to me before,i told her that i wont be able to collect it,that is why she send the packages to you. Now that you are ready to spend for the trip we are going to rescue your Son and Kathy,Those are the Research am doing here and this are the way i planned to rescue them:Only black Africa that can go there for now,they are those people i make Research on and i believe they can go there to rescue your son,We have to get a Jet that we take us there and we will get a para suit that we are going to use in rescue Kathy and Iggy,bcos Kathy told me that they are inside the abandoned bank and when we get there we will radio phone Kathy and we will send the para suit to them,or if you have any other way in rescue your son and Kathy.let me know if you want to go along with us there is no problem about that and we have to act fast bcos the Zombie is disturbing them everyday and i dont want anything to harm your son and Kathy,but i know they will both come to you alive and continue praying for them. send the $5,000 now bcos i will be going to Africa very soon."
July 20, 2009 (page 8) = Zackory is contacted by Nigerian mercenary named "Jerry" who says he is willing to deploy his "Zombie Rescue Squad" for a price.
July 20, 2009 (page 8) = Scammer Quote... Jerry Collins (Nigerian mercenary) " Hello Zackory,... ...we are not here for play,let me tell you MR Zackory If you are douting us,you better dont worry about our company.or you can go there by your self to rescue him.bcos i dont think you have to be prolonging these matter and why are you asking those question peter have explained everything to us and we cannot use more than five days.many peolpe ,many countries have used our security company.If you are ready to save your son Iggy contact Peter for anything you want to do..."
July 20, 2009 (page 8) = Scammer Quote... Peter Miller (Raymond's brother) " Dear Zackory, I have called them and i told them about you,they said anybody cannot be asking them how to do there job,that is what they told me when i called them last and i have told you several times that they are professional but you dont want to believe me and is like you dont love your son and i think you want him died in the island that Zombies are killing people and no one is living in that island again,so why are you toying with your son."
July 22, 2009 (page 8) = Zackory, Peter and Jerry negotiates the sketchy details of Peter's poorly constructed "plan" for rescuing Iggy and Kathy.
Aug 24, 2009 (page 6) = Scammer Quote... Peter Miller (Raymond's brother) " Dear Kathy,I saw Jerry's cloaked jet and the security men that they are coming there with him to come and rescue you,Kathy let me know how you want to send the money to me before i can come back to Nigeria OK....Peter"
Sept 1, 2009 (page 6) = Scammer Quote... Jerry Collins (Nigerian mercenary) " Dear Kathy, Yes i have been briefed about your sitiuation and i know you are in danger for now,he told me you are in ANTIGUA ISLAND where zombie is killing poeple and you stay in abandoned bank with Iggy and you are Kathy King... ...Cloacked Nigerian jet is like normal jet but is strong for fighting war or rescued someone in deadly island... ...Yes am still intrested using my impressive to fight the zombies... ...Am not going to charge you much cos you did not know me and i know we are going to know each other very charges is $10,000... ...i dont charge much for rescuing people ok... ....i have rescue alot of people from this kind of sitiuation ok"

Sept 7, 2009 (page 6) = Scammers Suzan, Jerry and Peter prove themselves utterly useless at helping Iggy and Kathy to escape from the island.
Sept 11, 2009 (page 7) = Kathy and Iggy announce to the world that they have been rescued from the zombie-infested island.
Sep 28, 2009 (page 7) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody " ... Hello Kathy how are you doing???hope you are okay and fine, congratulations for being rescued from the Zombie infested island bye for now . Suzan
Oct 19, 2009 (page 7) = Suzan continues to ask for financial help from Kathy. 
Oct 10, 2009 (page 10) = Peter becomes stranded in the U.K. and pleads for financial help from Zackory.
Apr 28, 2010 (page 7) = The scammers give up their attempts to scam Kathy and Zackory.
Apr 30, 2010 (page 7) =  This is the one-year anniversary of the zombie outbreak. A memorial ceremony is held on Antigua island.   
May 28, 2010 (page 7) = Kathy publishes her book about the Antigua island zombie outbreak .
Sept 6, 2010 ( page 7 ) = Scammer Quote... Suzan Moody "YOU ARE FOOL.........I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.fuck off."  
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Zackory Sukmioph Page 8 , Page 9 , Page 10 ,
Bonus Baits -   Fake Ray ( Page 11 ), Donna King ( Page 12 ), Joseph Venuti ( Page 13 )