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Main Page (Index page where I showcase some of my favorite scam baits.)
FAQ - General Questions  (Information about 419 scams and this website.)
FAQ - Scam Baiting Tips (Learn how to be a first class scam baiter like me!)
FAQ - Scam Victim Help  (Advice for people who have been victimized.)
Nigerian Scammer Survey (100 scammers reveal their ugly souls.)
Types of Nigerian Scams (List of typical scams used by 419ers.)
FAQ - Scammer 'Help' (My not-so-helpful advice for scammers.)
FAQ - Is This Email a Scam?  (How to spot email scams.)
Testimonials (Funny quotes from angry scammers I've baited.)
Victim Warnings (Examples of people we have helped.)
Scam Baiting Terms (Words scam baiters use.)
Press Release (Look at me!!! Look at me!!!)
Links (Scam baiting and anti-fraud links page.)
Forum (Come here to speak your mind.)

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